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Harry Potter Christmas 2019: Universal’s Wizarding World Celebration

In only its second year Orlando’s Wizarding World will celebrate the season with Harry Potter Christmas 2019 festivities in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is decorated to the hilt in an extra thematic element during the holiday, so check out all you need to know about Harry Potter Christmas 2019: Universal’s Wizarding World Celebration!

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It’s such an exciting thing to see during the holidays, and if you have never been there before, there really is a lot to do. The two Wizarding Worlds are in separate parks and connected by the Hogwarts Express. So, bring your park hopper pass, so you can fully explore the Wizarding World and join the festivities.

Window Shopping

The first thing you must do to capture the holiday spirit is see how the windows are dressed and how Christmas decor has adorned every corner of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The festive surroundings make visiting this whole immersive land so much more fun. There is a lot of fun shopping in the Wizarding World to begin with, but at Christmas time you can find some festive additions, such as ornaments and even the perfect Christmas gift.

Return of Hot Butterbeer

Last year was the first time The Wizarding World did anything for the holidays. When it did, the massive success was due in part to a new type of popular beverage, the hot Butterbeer. This tasty non alcoholic drink is perfect for the cold winter months and it is going to be back for Harry Potter Christmas 2019. In addition to the warm beverage, be on the lookout for all new food offerings on the menus as well.

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Snowfall in Hogsmeade

Last year there was regular snowfall in Hogsmeade throughout the evening. This is a really fun moment to capture as you pass through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at night. The snow adds one more really fun element of illusion to the magical area and seeing the magnificent fantastic structures bathed in a flurry of white is a really special way for Harry Potter lovers to enjoy the holiday spirit.

The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle

One very big part of celebrating Harry Potter Christmas 2019 at Universal Orlando’s Wizarding Worlds is the projection show on Hogwarts in Hogsmeade. You have to stay late for this transformative event. The show is very beautiful and moving as gorgeous Christmas decorations adorn the walls, roof and spires of the castle.

Acapella Frog Choir & More

Besides the food and the ambiance, which includes snow and a lit castle, the biggest offering entertainment wise will be the live singing that is equally immersive in this land. The Acapela Frog Choir makes an entrance. If you are uninitiated, this is exactly how it sounds. This show takes place in Hogsmeade. If you head over to Diagon Alley, you will find other entertainment in the form of a Jazz band named Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees. This is a special show that happens in Universal Studios, just for the occasion. Also in Diagon Alley buskers will be singing traditional holiday tunes in the street.

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