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How I Organize My Blog Planning

Running a blog is hard. That’s just the truth of it. For those that think it’s all easy-breezy and ‘she must have so much free time’, sorry to burst your bubble! I’ve yet to meet a blogger that says it’s easy. There’s just SO MUCH to manage, and it’s super easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. One way I keep myself sane (and loving blogging) is my wonderful blogging command center. This is How I Organize My Blog Planning!

How I Organize My Blog Planning / by #blogging #organization #dryerase #craftroom

Although I have other methods for organizing other blog-related tasks, such as my social media and sharing, this huge dry erase board is a big part of my blog planning. This board came from Hubby’s work…they were just going to throw it out, so he saved it for me. LOVE YOU, BABE! If you saw my Craft Room Reveal post, you saw how it looked BEFORE adding the trim on the edges. A bit ugly…but it worked well.

Add the painted trim, and the eye sore was now a nice, clean….emptiness begging to be filled. I decided to make it my blogging command center, and it was the PERFECT place to organize my blog planning!

How I Organize My Blog Planning / by #blogging #organization #dryerase #craftroom

First thing, I planned my layout and such on my laptop, then cut out my vinyl using my trusted Silhouette Cameo!

How I Organize My Blog Planning / by #blogging #organization #dryerase #craftroom

I wanted the months BIG…so had to print the actually grid part of the calendar (bottom right) separate from the top swirly edge (middle right). More on that in a minute….

It took awhile, but I VERY CAREFULLY got the vinyl from the sheets and placed as perfectly as possible onto my dry erase board.

How I Organize My Blog Planning / by #blogging #organization #dryerase #craftroom

Okay, so see how I just carefully placed the top swirl piece just barely overlapping the top row on the grid part? It’s pretty clean and smooth on the green calendar, but notice how it printed slightly off-sized on the top pink one? Ya….that was my bad not fixing the size first. Oops! Still not horrible, though!

How I Organize My Blog Planning / by #blogging #organization #dryerase #craftroom

Since the text for the MONTH is separate, I can keep the calendar themselves up but switch which months as I work throughout the year. I just write the actual dates in the calendar with a dry erase marker, so that’s easily changed as well!

How I Organize My Blog Planning / by #blogging #organization #dryerase #craftroom

The cute purple text tags all to the right of the calendars help me with my list-making. I have the following sections to my board:

  • Goals: so I can know where I want to go, and can focus on what will get me there
  • Tasks: basically my to-do list, whether broken down into each post’s tasks, or my entire weekly list
  • Supplies: as I’m working, or brainstorming, I can make my list of things I need to proceed with my task list
  • Ideas: This is the entire right 1/3 of this board, where I can just write ideas and brainstorm as things come to me, without losing it (hopefully)

Here’s how I use the calendar portions to organize my blog planning:

  • Track my recently done posts, helping me not post things too similar, too close together.
  • See what I have coming up, so I can prepare and plan. Since with blogs it’s wise to post holiday and seasonal themed posts awhile before the ACTUAL time, this helps me see ahead.
  • So I know what stage each of my upcoming posts is in, I use a different color of dry erase marker depending on what I need to do with that post. Red = haven’t started, need supplies. Yellow = post is done, but I need to take/edit photos. Green = post and photos are completely done, post is scheduled. Blue = post has gone live and I’ve checked links/etc. are working in that post.

How do YOU keep your blog planning organized?

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