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Mom’s Day for Herself

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How often do us moms get so busy, that we’re lucky to even eat all our meals (hopefully still warm) and get an okay amount of sleep at night? Too many times we have no time or energy left for ourselves, but that’s actually not good for anyone. If we don’t have a chance to unwind, relax and even have some fun with our own things occasionally, we get worn out or even grumpy (gasp!). That’s why it’s crucial that moms take a Mom’s Day for Herself every now and then. I decided to make this a priority and recently started DANCING!

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Okay, don’t laugh – if you know me, I’m about as graceful as an elephant and completely out of shape, so dancing doesn’t seem the right fit. But that’s just it – it’s something I WANTED to do, for myself, to enjoy, grow and learn. To improve myself, while having a fun time! Along with starting dance, I’m doing more exercise and eating healthier because it’s helped me realize just how unhealthy and weak I was. I’m working on getting myself more healthy and strong. And hey – I’ve even lost quite a bit of weight, which is a definite bonus!

Is it easy to fit in my dancing or exercising with my family’s crazy schedules? Absolutely not! But we made it a priority, and hubby’s on board fully supporting me and has even commented how much happier I seem since I started taking my ‘mom days’. It does mean I have to say no to some extra activities or events the kids may want to do, but taking this time makes me a better mom overall so it’s a win-win for everyone. I also like to think that I’m setting a good example to my kids about the importance of taking time from the busy-ness of life and doing something you enjoy, as well as the importance of being healthy and having a strong body.

By the way, it was also a good excuse for some adorable and COMFORTABLE new clothes to wear while practicing my dance – like this Daria Sweater Hoodie from prAna! It’s soft and warm, but since it’s shorter sleeved you can still wear it when it’s not super cold outside. I’ve always been a fan of sweaters, and love the coloring and style of this one – plus the front pocket is awesome! I have it in Muted Truffle, but there’s other colors available, as well.

You can’t do dance without very comfortable and free-moving pants, so this pair of prAna Mantra Pants in Black Herringbone are perfect! They’re plenty loose around my legs so they don’t restrict my leg steps and movements, but they fit perfectly around my hips and waist so stay in place comfortable. I could wear these out for errands, or lounging around the house. I love flexibility in my clothing!

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I also have a new sense of accomplishment each time I can do a new dance figure or step that I struggled with before, or when I can do one more push up than I did my last workout. I’m progressing, and I gives me such a great feeling! Now, am I ready for an actual dance competition? Not even close 🙂 But the whole point is I’m trying, I’m growing as a person and my mood is so much better than when I was focusing only on the kids or hubby’s needs or activities. I feel happier, healthier, stronger, and even feel more love towards my family – maybe it’s because they do have to help extra or sacrifice an extra thing or two for me instead of me doing all the sacrificing.

Whatever the reason, I’m so glad I finally took the dive and made having some time for myself a priority. It’s made a difference in so many ways, and I’m sure it would help so many other moms who just feel burnt out because they put themselves last ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t believe that’s healthy to do constantly – I mean, as moms of course our family comes first and we do make plenty of sacrifices – but that doesn’t mean you never get time or something for yourself. Make it a priority, and just see what an amazing difference it can make in your life!

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What would you choose to do for YOUR Mom’s Day?

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