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DIY No Slip Headband

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As a busy mom, I really need ways to keep my hair out of my face. Headbands are great, as long as they don’t keep sliding. Now you can easily solve that problem with this simple DIY No Slip Headband. I love being able to leave my hair down – especially when it’s color is so bright after a fresh coloring in my favorite shade of red – while still not fighting with hair getting in my eyes!

You heard that right – I’m now sporting a bit more red in my hair, which is my favorite and makes me feel more like myself than my regular brunette shade. Since I don’t have a ton of time or money to spend on my hair, though, it’s a relief that I can get professional quality hair color in my own home that not only offers flattering colors (love my red tints!) but also cares for the hair. A little bit ago I grabbed a box of Schwarzkopf Keratin Color in Warm Mahogany 5.6 during my Walmart trip and was so excited to give my hair some lovin’.

Although I don’t personally need or care that it offers 100% gray coverage, I do love that Schwarzkopf Keratin Color cares for my hair while coloring, with less hair breakage and the pre-treatment for a more even color result. They’ve got some beautiful, intense colors to choose from, so you can find whatever best fits your style! It’s not that I don’t really like my regular brunette hair color, like before….

…but I absolutely LOVE my red coloring! Plus, the shine and soft feel of my hair after coloring is a definite bonus – probably because of the pre-treatment, which is easy to use and really helps the quality and value of the coloring. You need to follow the instructions on the box exactly, just like I did, for best results.

Color Your Hair with Schwarzkopf Keratin Color

  1. To test for allergies, follow the instructions for the ‘patch test’ beforehand.
  2. Do the special pre-treatment as stated in the instructions
  3. Be sure to use gloves for mixing the products together and for application
  4. Apply as directed, then set a timer for the designated time instructed
  5. When it’s time, rinse thoroughly with warm water until it runs clear
  6. Use the conditioner as instructed, leaving on 2 minutes before rinsing
  7. Enjoy your new, beautiful hair color!

I can’t get over how bright and shiny the red in my hair is, especially in the sunlight! I’ve always really enjoyed playing with my hair – the styles, cuts and colors – because it’s a way to show my own personality and mix things up a bit. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color makes it easy to do at home, avoiding more time and hassle. Us busy moms can sure appreciate the convenience and quality they offer!

You can even TRY IT FREE, so there’s no stress or worry – pick your own favorite shade and find out for yourself why it’s such a great coloring option!

Now let’s let that new pretty hair color show while keeping our hair up out of our way with this fun DIY No Slip Headband. You can even just skip the first step and use the last steps to make a normal headband, or one you already have on-hand, so that it’s no slip as well.

Supplies Needed

  • Fabric of choice (I did a silky, solid grey then a white and grey patterned in the same silky material)
  • Thread & sewing machine
  • Hot Glue/Gun
  • Two Hair Clips

DIY No Sew Headband #ad #KeratinColor #KeratinCares @walmart @schwarzkopfus


  1. Cut your fabric so it’s a little wider than you’d like, and a tiny bit longer than you need it around. Placing the pretty sides of the fabric together, sew along the edges ALMOST all the way around. Flip it right-side-out so the pretty sides are now facing the correct way, then sew closed that remaining opening.
  2. On the under-side of your headband, do two long strips of hot glue, keeping it as smooth and even as possible. This adds a little buffer against your hair to help with the slipping a bit.
  3. Decide where you feel best with your 2 clips under the headband (so it’ll be clipping into your hair underneath the headband) – I do about 1″ to either side of the middle of the top of my head. Add a dot of glue in one of the spots, then place a clip there (careful that it doesn’t get glue too much in it so it’s then glued closed – just so it’s secure to the headband). Repeat on the other side with the other clip.
  4. Once dried, you’re ready for your no slip headband! Just slide on the headband, then do each of the clips to secure it to your hair – then it’s not going anywhere without your permission!

DIY No Sew Headband #ad #KeratinColor #KeratinCares @walmart @schwarzkopfus

I love showing off my beautiful new red hair, and this headband let’s me keep it down and shining without fighting it out of my face while I handle the million things us moms have going on 🙂 Check out Schwarzkopf Keratin Color on Facebook or Instagram for more coloring ideas and fun.

Which Schwarzkopf Keratin Color would  YOU choose?

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