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Sleep Training Twins

When you are told that you are expecting twins, it can be the most euphoric feeling in the world. Double the amount of babies means double the love you will experience and provide, right?

Of course! But this also means you’ve got double the responsibility and having two babies can be difficult to try to get into a sleep routine and sleep throughout the night.

So how do you sleep train twins? Well, the key is in the routine and if you can get that just right, you should be fine moving forwar

Trust us. We’re something of an expert in twins.

We’ve not only got our own beautiful twins, but we’ve worked with the parents of twins for many years, and can tell you absolutely everything you need to know about sleep training, best practice, and tips on how to get your little ones off to sleep! 

However, it is not going to be that easy, so our guide looks to clear up some of the questions you may have. Read on to learn more.

When Is The Right Time To Start A Schedule?

Training two babies to sleep and get into a sleep schedule isn’t too dissimilar from training one baby – as long as the babies are in full health of course.

However, it’s generally accepted that a good time to start a sleep schedule for twins is at the four to six month mark,  if you have questions about if twins can sleep in the same crib, read on..

This is when babies can typically soothe themselves to sleep and can learn to sleep independently from their mom.

What you have to think about though is that a large number of twins are born prematurely, so you may need to adjust your timeline for an extra month or two, depending on how premature they were born.

While this all sounds well and good, you will likely already be wondering about where the babies should sleep and if there are any tips to help them sleep for longer.

Should Twins Sleep In The Same Room?

This actually isn’t a huge consideration and it will come down to your own personal preference and how large your home is.

Many parents like to keep their twins together, especially if they are planning for them to share a room in the future. 

Indeed, you may even decide to separate the twins if one is a girl and the other is a boy, simply for their own privacy when they are older. 

The idea behind sleep training twins together though is that they both sleep at the same time and have similar, if not identical sleeping patterns.

By separating them, you may find the one baby wakes up at different times, or has trouble sleeping compared to the other baby.

Conversely, two babies in the same room can wake each other up, which can be a headache for you if you need to get two babies back to sleep during the night. If you are sharing a small room with your baby check out our article  to see the best way to set up the space. .

Trust me on this one! I went through a stage where one of my children would constantly wake the other up and vice versa. It’s a nightmare.

In short – it is really up to you and your own personal circumstances.

Tips For Sleep Training Your Twins 

I’ve got some of the most helpful tips for getting your twins to sleep below. I’ve actually tried these methods and they’re very effective. 

Stick To A Feeding Schedule For Both 

One of the key factors to a sleep routine is eating at the right times. If both babies are on the same feeding schedule, they will likely share the same waking and sleeping schedules. If you are curious about toddler feeding schedules, check out our guide. . 

If you have separated the twins in different rooms, be sure to note what times they have both been fed and it’s also a good idea to write down any observations you have about how well or easy they got back to sleep.

Keep An Eye Out For Sleeping Signs 

I’ve briefly talked about keeping some notes about your observations – and this is a very good idea. Keep an eye out for some sleeping signs with your twins, such as appearing drowsy but still awake. 

Once you’ve fed your babies, changed them and done everything they may need, ensure you follow the guidance for infant sleeping and then note down anything you may deem to be worth paying attention to. 

twin babies on a blanket

Avoid Using One Crib 

Most experts believe it is better to separate twins into separate cribs with flat, soft surfaces if you need some recommendations check out our best cribs for twins in small spaces with a buyers guide.

Not only will this reduce the risk of one of the twins keeping the other one awake through noises or wetting – but it’s much safer and reduces the risk of SIDS.

It also provides the framework for the twins to have their own individuality and independence for when they get older, so they don’t solely rely on one another for everything.

Keep Them Both On The Same Page 

As mentioned earlier, the key to sleep training your twins will be if both of them are on exactly the same schedule. This means that if you’re singing one baby a lullaby, make sure you sing one to the other baby.

If you’re feeding one baby, you should feed the other baby. If one baby wakes up, you should wake up the other baby

The point is that both of your twins are on exactly the same page.

Not only should this make it much easier for you to stick to routines for yourself and for them, but it also makes it easier to keep notes of how each other is doing generally. 

Devise A Realistic Routine 

It’s all fine and good saying “stick to a routine”, but you will need to think carefully about how you will set this routine.

For example, saying you will put the twins to bed at six o’ clock might sound great – but it might not work in practice.

You may need to create or adjust the routine to get them to sleep easier. For example, you may think bathtime before bed could help, and if it does – you will need to do this for the twins together everyday. 

Not only this, but you need to think about a routine that works for you and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Keep Twins In The Same Room?

In our experience it is much easier to do this, but of course – it is a subjective matter. You might find it easier to separate them, but I found that it was easier to maintain a schedule by keeping them together. 

What If My Twins Can’t Sleep?

If you are finding that your twins still won’t sleep at a decent time and are keeping each other awake, then consider speaking with your doctor. I found that it takes some time, but eventually twins will sleep like clockwork – normally after feeding and being changed! 

The Bottom Line 

Sleep training twins can be difficult but as long as you get them into a routine together, you should be fine moving forward!

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