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Can Twins Sleep In The Same Crib?

One new baby can be stressful enough, but adding two into the mix and you’re in for a lot of sleepless nights. Don’t worry, with this article, your little ones will be asleep in no time! There is much debate around whether twins can sleep in the same crib, with positives and negatives on both sides. However, in this case, the risks outweigh the positives. 

When putting your little ones to bed, it is recommended that they are kept in the same room as you, however, we’ve learned that separate cribs are best. Although, we realize that this can sometimes be hard for those with smaller living spaces. 

Ultimately, it is up to the parents to determine the best sleeping arrangements for their munchkins, although knowing the best methods can be tough. With this in mind, we have created a detailed guide exploring whether or not twins can sleep in the same crib,  if you are looking for the best crib for twins, check out our article. . After testing these guidelines, it’s safe to say that we wish we knew them sooner!

Following Safe Sleeping Guidelines

Using recommended sleeping guidelines from healthcare professionals, as well as our personal expertise, we have outlined the best sleeping practices for twins, if you are curious about other parenting tips for twins, check out our article for sleep training twins.

Not only does this reduce the risk of SIDS by over 50% but also guarantees you a night of better sleep, too. The overall recommended advice is to keep your twins separated. 

Below, you will find the suggested AAP recommendations to prevent SIDS:

Separate Cribs For Twins

To be safe, you should also place your twins in separate cribs, bassinets, or other safe sleeping arrangements during nighttime.

Sleep Your Twins On Their Backs

There is tons of evidence and research promoting you to place your twins on their backs for both their naps and nighttime sleeping arrangements – significantly reducing the risk of SIDS.

Some people mistakenly believe that softer surfaces will keep their little ones more comfortable. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and could even be dangerous.

Therefore, firm surfaces, clear from any comforters, are recommended to keep your little ones safe from SIDS.

Clear The Crib

When purchasing baby products for your little ones, the number of options can easily become overwhelming.

You may feel tempted to keep your child’s favorite stuffed animal in the bed with them, however, this can easily become a hazard – with the risk of falling over and suffocating your baby.

Our advice is to keep the crib as minimal as possible. There is no need for blankets, duvets, soft toys, or any other bulky items since these are shown to significantly increase the risk of SIDS.

So, keep the accessories and items away from the crib until your child becomes older and more mobile, if you are at the stage where your baby is rolling over we also have a helpful article on how to keep your baby from rolling over in a crib, check it out.

Room Temperature

When babies overheat, the chances of SIDS increase; therefore, keeping the room at the right temperature is important.

For an optimum sleeping environment, the room should be at a temperature of between 60 to 70 Fahrenheit with a light blanket or sleeping bag.

You should never dress your baby in extra clothing or hats when sleeping. If you’re worried about the heat, one way to determine your child’s temperature is by checking their chest.

Room Share

Sleeping your twins in a crib next to your bed allows you to keep a watchful eye or ear on them at all times. 

Undoubtedly, before long, as parents, you grow very accustomed to every tiny noise and gurgle your little ones make. 

Being in tune with their needs will not only give you peace of mind but you’re able to assist them whenever they require you. My issue was keeping my cat away from the crib, we have tips on that too!

We’ve done this ourselves in the past, it’s not as bad as it sounds…and it certainly isn’t forever!


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, giving your little one a pacifier while sleeping reduces the risk of SIDS.

Although, the only problem with this is that if the pacifier were to fall out during the night, they may wake up and cry until you pop it back in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe for Twins to Share the Same Crib?

Since their inception, twins have been together. In fact, being close to one another brings them great comfort – especially when young. So it only seems natural to place them together. 

As long as your twins are swaddled tightly and can’t move, it is safe to place them next to one another while resting. However, each baby is different and there are no guarantees – it is up to the parents to decide what is best. 

If you’re looking to co-sleep your twins, there are a few options to keep it as safe as possible. 

For instance, you could invest in crib dividers or even sleep them on opposite sides of the crib; head-to-head. 

The only downside to crib dividers is that while they may feel secure, there is a chance of them falling down and becoming a risk. 

However, naturally, with babies, almost anything can become a risk. Therefore, it is up to the parents to determine the safety.

Twin Bed Sharing Risks?

Studies have shown that sleeping your two little munchkins together can increase the risk of SIDS. 

While some twins can, and have, slept together without any problems – it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your little ones. 

When young, and swaddled up, your twins should be perfectly fine to sleep next to each other. In fact, they may even sleep better, reminding them of your days in the womb. 

Although, if your twins are mobile, one could easily knock the blanket on the other, potentially blocking the other’s airway and causing harm. 

Final Thoughts

It can be tempting to place your twins together while sleeping since they’ve been close to one another for their entire lives – no matter how short this has been.

However, to keep your twins safe, it is recommended to avoid co-sleeping arrangements.

Instead, having each twin in a separate crib not only reduces the risk of SIDS but ensures they get a better night’s sleep and you do too.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you on everything you need to know about whether or not twins can sleep in the same crib.

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