Sugar Rush Party Series: Activities, Games & Crafts

Who’s ready for Part 2 of the Sugar Rush Party Series? Great! Today I’m sharing the activities, games and crafts we did at Wonder Woman’s Party.
Sugar Rush Party Series: Activities, Games & Crafts / Busy Mom's Helper

First, we did this Sweet Bingo game, covered with lots of yummy goodies pictures. Of course, we used M&Ms as the playing pieces 😀

Remember in the movie when Vanellope made a medal for Ralph? Well, of course we had to have the girls make medals themselves! I just bought some cheap foam pieces – already in a heart shape – from Walmart. Saved me the hassle of cutting – woohoo! Punch two holes for some ribbon to make it wearable. Then just use markers or foam-paint, plus some ‘sweet’ sticker pieces so they can make it their own. Wonder Woman HAD to put Stink Brain on hers, of course, just like in the movie!

There was no way we could do a Sugar Rush party without making our own race cars – out of sweet treats, of course! We had a variety of goodies for them to use: Cookies, Smarties, Gummie Bears, Candy Dots, and Peppermints. Of course, make sure there’s LOTS of frosting (like Vanellope says: “A butt load of frosting”)!

Also, make sure you have a frosting writing tube, because “A work of art like this must be signed” – Vanellope

Look at all the fun varieties!

Okay, so I must say that we also did Diet Cola Mountain with ‘falling Mentos’ – but of course, it was so quick that I didn’t get any photos! A tip for when you do it, though – have a tube or something so that you can VERY QUICKLY pour ALL of the Mentos in. The second the first one hits, you’ll want to move, so if you can instantly get the whole tube in, the better it’ll be. The girls were laughing like CRAZY when we did this – I definitely recommend it!

The Whole Sugar Rush Party Series:

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