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Summer Party for Kids – Free to Be Anything!

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Summer is an awesome (albeit busy) time, with lots of playing outside, water games and activities. With my mom and youngest sis in town, we wanted to celebrate with an awesome backyard party – complete with DIY PVC sprinkler, of course! They all had a blast with their Summer Party for Kids, and were ‘Free to be Anything’!

As you can see, our summer party was kind of a ‘messy party’ themed event – something that I’d normally be REALLY hesitant on. Why, you may ask? Because being outside much in the summer often means major issues for us – one kid with asthma, two with severe skin sensitivities and one with mild skin sensitivity. Having to wash their clothes much usually means itchy skin and possible asthma flare-ups with the pollen and such being brought in. And who really needs harmful ingredients or coloring rubbing constantly on their skin from their clean clothes? Luckily I can be more laid back this year because all® free clear liquid helps my family deal with the sensitive skin and allergens, helping us enjoy our time without worrying about itching later! I restocked last time I was at Walmart – it’s easily found in the laundry detergent section!

Summer Party for Kids - Free To Be Anything / Messy Party / DIY PVC Sprinkler / by #FreeToBe #ad

Then we were free to enjoy our summer MESSY party! In case you were wondering, this was them BEFORE all the colorful, wet mess….

We started off with some sidewalk chalk – which tends to get on EVERYTHING, including their clothes and skin. Then we had a total BLAST with some food-colored water balloons! We went through a TON, but they loved every bit of it – especially squishing them on Grandma and me. Heck, they even enjoyed coloring THEMSELVES with the balloons! Like we told them – they’re free to be messy for this awesome party!

Then why not some colored BUBBLES? Plus we’re showing off our colorful outfits after that water balloon craziness.

It was especially hard for me to just sit back and enjoy as they did body paint all over the giant paper roll – and on themselves. And each other. Really, it was just EVERYWHERE! But they had such big grins on their faces, I knew they were having an amazing time just being free. Totally worth it!

Lastly, it was sprinkler time! We had to build our PVC Pipe Sprinkler, but now just stick it in the garage when it’s not in use so we can pull it out anytime for a bit of water fun!

Note: Since size preference may vary per person, I’m just listing the supplies and general directions, not measurements. It’s really simple to see what sizes as you lay it out and put it together. We did this in a quick evening.

Supplies Needed

  • PVC Pipe – we used 1/2″ width
  • PVC Elbows and T’s – that fit your pipe size
  • PVC Water Hose Adapter – that fits your pipe size
  • PVC Pipe Glue
  • Saw or something to safely cut the PVC pipe
  • Drill – for adding holes


  1. After deciding your layout and the sizes of pipe you need, cut the pipe to the appropriate lengths.
  2. Attach the Elbows and T’s to piece it together. You may need to add bars of pipe between both for support AND for some spray at a lower level 🙂 Don’t forget to use the pipe glue to secure it, and keep water from finding other ways out!
  3. Be sure to close off all ends, adding the water hose adapter to one edge.
  4. Since water pressure varies – start with a few holes and see how strong it is. Add more as you see fit, but be careful that it’s not so few that the water hurts – and not so many that there isn’t enough water pressure. We added holes at the tops, sides AND a few bottom spots for an all-around sprinkler!

The kids LOVED helping put our sprinkler together, but not as much as running through the water!!! I even added a few sponge balls, hanging from the pipes – just cut sponges and hot glue (or string) together. Hang from the pipe at different levels for some additional fun!

Summer Party for Kids - Free To Be Anything / Messy Party / DIY PVC Sprinkler / by #FreeToBe #ad

They couldn’t get enough of this, so I think I’ll build another one (and find another hose – hmmmmm) so there’s even more for them to run through without bumping into each other as much!

When we were done, we HAD to have a tasty popsicle treat, of course, because what party comes without a snack? Since it was outside, I had very little clean up to worry about (other than the broken water balloons, but they took care of that like a race – fun, yet helpful) other than the laundry. One obvious way I can tell it’s not as harsh for my kids’ clothing – therefor, their skin – is that it isn’t colored, because WHY would you need a color added to your laundry anyway?! Even the all® free clear mighty pacs® are clear.

Summer Party for Kids - Free To Be Anything / Messy Party / DIY PVC Sprinkler / by #FreeToBe #ad

Since this time of year brings some bad seasonal allergies for our family, making the asthma and skin irritations worse, I’m so glad I can rely on the #1 detergent recommended by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for Sensitive Skin. It removes 99% of the everyday and seasonal allergens – including cat and dog dander, dust mite matter, ragweed, grass, and tree pollen….definitely a relief in Texas! The all® free clear detergent was even awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association for having no dyes, perfumes, certain chemicals, and irritating residues. Like I said – who needs extra ‘stuff’ in their cleaners? all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies. Please follow directions on the packaging exactly.

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