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Top 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow Indoors

Are you looking to take advantage of the warm summer days and grow a small garden? Planting vegetables is the best thing that you can do during the summer and there is no doubt about that. You can even grow them indoors! Doing this will make sure that you always have fresh vegetables to cook delicious and healthy meals. To make things even better, growing vegetables indoors is super easy if you know which ones to pick. Here is where I come in.

Today I am going to show you the top 5 easy vegetables to grow indoors. I am also going to give you some quick tips to help you keep your indoor garden green and always growing. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Top 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow Indoors

#1 Carrots


If there is one vegetable that everyone should consider growing indoors because it is so easy to maintain, then it has to be carrots. Carrots do not require too much space around them and they also grow in all types of soil. This vegetable thrives at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the trick to making it grow is to give it at least 12 hours of light per day.

#2 Lettuce Greens

Lettuce Greens

Another healthy vegetable that you will love having around the house is lettuce greens. This vegetable is easy to grow and it only requires a small place next to a sunny window. Not just that, but you can harvest the leaves as much as you want, and the plant will keep growing them back. Therefore, you will have an endless resource of lettuce greens.

#3 Onions


I think it’s safe to say that onions are a “must-have” in any kitchen. They add so much flavor to recipes that you should consider growing them in your own indoor garden. The best thing about having homegrown onions is that you will never have to worry about their origin and if the producer used any unsafe fertilizer. You will be in total control.

#4 Garlic


Garlic is another vegetable that will make your meals delicious and bring a smile to your family’s faces. Garlic is used in thousands of recipes and having an endless source right in your homegrown garden is going to pay off. In addition, garlic doesn’t require too much maintenance. Simply water it regularly and let it get sun.

#5 Tomatoes

Best Vegetables

This might come as a surprise, but tomatoes are quite easy to grow indoors. The great thing about tomatoes is that they do well in containers. Therefore, you will not have a problem finding a good spot to place them. However, I do need to mention that tomatoes need lots of sunlight to grow and you should make sure to place them close to a window.

Best Tips to Growing Vegetables Indoors

The first thing that you need to do is to find a container that is big enough to allow the roots of the vegetable to grow. You also want to make sure that the container has a drainage hole at the bottom. If you can’t find a container that meets the criteria, then you should be pleased to know that you can make one yourself.

The tricky part about growing vegetables indoors is getting enough sunlight for them. This is why it’s always better to place them by the window. If this is not possible, then you might want to consider investing in row lights. They cost around $40 to $50 at markets such as Home Depot.

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