What is Minefaire?

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Having just completed the third city in their 2019 tour, Minefaire – the #1 Minecraft event in the U.S. – is just getting started. Being big Minecraft fans, we were eager to learn more – but admit that before attending, we weren’t sure what it really was. Today, I’m answering ‘What is Minefaire’ in case you’re also wondering about this awesome event!

As you probably know, my kids and hubby have loved playing Minecraft for years. My boys have even had a Minecraft themed party before! I didn’t get as into it until recently, but did know much of the ‘lingo’ and such to keep up with my kids’ excitement. Not knowing really what to expect when we attended the Minefaire in Dallas last weekend, we just went into it with open minds and ready for some ‘geeking out’. It was a lot of fun – with all sorts of things to do and see!

What it has:

  • Several areas where you can play Minecraft – some also have help if you need some tips
  • A VR Minecraft experience (though the line was about 90 minutes when we arrived Saturday morning)
  • A themed Escape Room – we were there at 11 (it opened at 9am to higher ticket levels, at 10am for the regular tickets) and all time slots for this were already gone for the day
  • Well-known YouTubers and Minecrafters to sign autographs and take photos
  • Backdrops and signs for fun photo opps (my kids loved these)
  • Various tech booths – such as ‘driving’ a little robot on a tablet
  • We saw at least 3 stage areas doing a variety of talks, discussions, fun activities, or helpful tips all day long (check the schedule each day)
    • Some we saw were: Building mini-games inside Minecraft
    • Family game night
    • Dance-off
  • SHOPPING – from Minecraft books and LEGO sets, Creeper sequin pillows, ‘enchanted’ bow and arrows, and much more more, there was plenty of my kids were adding to their wish lists
  • LEGO area, complete with a tall Steve form completed entirely in LEGOs

What is Minefaire? Sharing some exciting details about this fun Minecraft event touring the U.S. in 2019! #partner

I’m sure there was plenty more we didn’t get to see and do, but it was really fun. We do wish we’d gone early enough to get in some of the lines (like VR) before they got too crazy, and especially for the Escape Room! We would’ve also done more research into the different YouTubers there, so the kids would feel better going to say ‘hi’ and get excited about their autographs.

What is Minefaire? Sharing some exciting details about this fun Minecraft event touring the U.S. in 2019! #partner

The Minefaire event in Dallas was the 3rd stop along their 2019 Tour route, with the following still coming up:

  • Los Angeles, California – April 13th & 14th
  • Seattle, Washington – May 18th & 19th
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – July 13th & 14th
  • Edison, New Jersey – August 3rd & 4th
  • Hartford, Connecticut – August 17th & 18th
  • Chicago, Illinois – September 21st & 22nd

What is Minefaire? Sharing some exciting details about this fun Minecraft event touring the U.S. in 2019! #partner

If there’s a Minefaire near you, be sure to check out the fun!

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