100 Journal Questions

Do you keep a journal (or diary, if you prefer that term)? I don’t, although I know I really should. It’s ridiculous the different things I’ve forgotten, that I wish I had written down somewhere. That’s one thing I want to try to do better this year. Even if I only do a few sentences a day, or a page a week, that’s still something. My biggest thing is the ‘moments’. Like the funny things my kids say or do, that I swear I’ll never forget (and then do). Or the sweet things my Hubby does for me. Or people I meet. There’s so much ‘little’ stuff that I want to remember.
If you need some help coming up with something to write about, here’s some help! These pages each have 20 questions or prompts on them, to help you as you record your life and thoughts. That’s a total of 100 questions, so should last awhile!
They’ve been made boring white, but that’s so you can doodle, or print them on fun colored paper, if you want. There’s enough space to cut out each question, then you can put them in a fun jar and just pull a random one out every time you need a little ‘push’ for your thinking.





Yes, some are totally random and seem strange, but sometimes that leads to the most fun memories! You never know what it could spark, or what little tangent it could lead to. That’s the fun of it!


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