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Babysitter Information Form

I have a confession: I’m VERY picky as to who I leave my kids with. After a babysitter stole our Ipad (passed it to her boyfriend and had it sold) before we even returned home, I’ve become really cautious. When I DO leave my kids, I make sure it’s someone I trust completely. Along with that, I want to make sure they have ALL the information they’ll need for a successful night, for them AND for the kids! This printable Babysitter Information Form is perfect, just in case there’s something you forget to mention, or they don’t remember ALL the stuff they were given right before you walk out the door.
Here’s the different parts of the form:
Home Information: your home address, phone number, etc. In case they need to give an emergency person that info, or are ordering a pizza.
Emergency Contacts: This is where we put a trusted neighbor that’s close by, and near by relatives that can be contacted just in case.
Notes & Instructions: Here we put things like allergies, if someone needs some medicine at certain times, what meals are planned, etc.
Routines: When they play, read, clean up, eat dinner, brush, bedtime, etc.
House Rules: General rules, and what form of discipline to use (we use ‘take a break’ here).
Non-Emergency Fire & Rescue: As it says, put the number for the non-emergency important rescue people. Like dispatch, etc.
What else do you think should be included?

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