Crashing Witch Door Decor

I’ve seen so many fun Halloween porch decorations lately, it made me want to do at least SOMETHING to spruce up our rather plain porch. I’ll admit, my front door has always been really basic, with a stylish, fun but simple wreath on it, usually. That’s it. I wanted something a bit more, and decided this Crashing Witch Door Decor would be perfect!

Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch

Even though it may look like this takes a long while, it’s actually super quick and simple! I whipped this up in less than an hour, so don’t be intimidated at all.

Notes: feel free to change up the colors for your own Crashing Witch, this is simply what I used. You don’t need much of any of the fabrics, so if you have scraps around, great!


  • Green Fabric – arms and legs
  • Black fabric – shoes and skirt trim
  • Patterned fabric – dress/cape
  • Witch Hat
  • This printable shape for the shoes, goes on size 8.5 x 11 paper
  • 3 or 4 Paper Towel Rolls (or a long stick, or old broom handle, even better)
  • Brown paint (if painting paper towels rolls/broom handle)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Duct tape (to secure paper towel rolls together so they’re long enough)
  • Scissors
  • Broom fibers/raffia
  • Rubber band
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon, yarn, or something – hair


  1. Print off the shape of the shoes here. Trace it onto cardboard or cardstock, and cut out. Paint your ‘broom stick’, if you need to. Cut some black fabric to cover the shoes. Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch Hot glue them on, then cut the fabric around the edges. Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch
  2. Fold your green leg fabric so the edges are smooth, then glue to the back of the shoes. Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch Cut your skirt/cape patterned material, and the black skirt trim to hang a bit below. Glue these together, then the legs underneath the skirt.
  3. For the hair, I cut strips of a stringy yarn, then used a random scrap of cardstock to hot glue over them onto the top of the skirt. Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch The cardstock strip will be hidden under the hat, but it saved my fingers from hot glue burns sticking on the yarn. Hot glue on the arms, as desired.
  4. Duct tape your paper towel rolls together, then use a rubber band to secure a bunch of broom fibers/raffia to one end as the ‘broom’. Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch Glue behind the skirt, so they’re sticking out on two ends. If you want to glue an arm around it, go for it! Hot glue on the witch hat, then hung as desired.

See, it really is super quick, and is a nice way to use up some random fabric scraps you may have lying around! I’d really advice using an actual stick for the broom, but I wasn’t able to for this one. Now my porch has a little ‘spunk’ to it….all thanks to this witch that had a rough landing 😀

Crashing Witch Door Decor / by Busy Mom's Helper #Halloween #Decor #Witch

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