Frozen Birthday Party

Okay, so I know the whole Frozen Birthday Party has been done a million times already all over Pinterest and such, but this was our first girl birthday since the movie hit theaters last year. Every since we saw it in theaters, Wonder Woman had been begging us like crazy to let her have her own Frozen Birthday Party, so after all that waiting I was finally able to give her one….and I get to share the fun with you today!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peak on Saturday when I was (finally) all set up and ready for the party to begin. I was so excited to bring in all the fun Frozen ideas I’d gathered throughout the year, such as our Frozen Wreath, and items from her Frozen Inspired Bedroom. I’ll admit, I’m also a huge Frozen fan, so it was a lot of fun for me to prep it all!

Frozen Birthday Party Invitations

Don’t die of shock, but I actually passed out the invitations a whole TWO weeks before the party. Yup, I was on the ball for once! Probably won’t happen again for several months, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I loved designing these fun invitations to be a fun envelope all by itself!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

So there’s two sides to this, and you can fit two of them on a page. This FREE PRINTABLE Frozen Birthday Invitation already has it laid out for you!

You can click here to download the Frozen Invitation Inside. It prints 2 per page, about 5×7 in size.

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

And here’s the printable ‘outside’ part, that works as an envelope:

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Just be sure to print it correctly…when you open the envelope you should see the ‘You’re Invited’ under the top flap. I included fold lines on the outside, plus the lines where you can cut the flap out.

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Frozen Birthday Party Decorations

Let’s start with the decorations, since I was seriously STOKED at how beautiful it all turned out! It was based on blue and purple, of course, with lots of sparkles and ‘snow sparkle’ goodness thrown in. My baby sis had a Frozen party earlier this year, so many of the supplies are leftover from that (thanks Mom and Sis!).

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

For the backdrop, I just got some blue, purple and white cheap plastic tablecloths from Walmart for a buck each, and pinned them hanging from the wall. Over the top of the tablecloth drapes are two Iridescent Vinyl Curtains. The Tissue Pom-Poms are hung to the side for a little extra dimension and fun!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Another cheap tablecloth on the table, then some sparkly purple and white tissue paper as a ‘table runner’ in the middle. Gotta love budget-friendly ideas, right?! In the center is a large round vase filled with little blue and purple Sixlet candy balls, along with huge gum balls. Then just stick in some blue and purple candy cane sticks and rock candies, plus a fun snowflake wand as an attractive centerpiece. I had some ‘crystal garland’ leftover as a holiday decoration, so folded that around the base. Wrap some ribbon around the center of the vase, add a simple snowflake sticker, and there ya go! In the small vase I also have my Lollipics, made especially for this party…don’t worry, more details on those to come!

Wonder Woman even wore her Elsa Dress to add to the atmosphere! She wanted to let one of the girls wear the Anna Dress I made her (in less than 2 hours)….but that many girls and ONE costume wouldn’t have ended well, so we skipped that!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Frozen Birthday Party Food

So we’ve got the main atmosphere looking and feeling totally Frozen-ified, right? But you can’t have a party without some delish and fun food! We had a whole variety, so every single one of our young girls were able to find plenty that they liked!

First up, we’ve got the Frozen Hearts. Take some delicious strawberries (I love Driscoll’s Berries), dip them in melted white chocolate, then sprinkle some blue crystal sprinkles over them. Viola….delicious, healthy, and totally fun! Plus, cute as a decoration 🙂

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Sven’s carrots were, surprisingly, a huge hit with our party guests! You can go with this, or call them Olaf’s Noses. Your choice!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

As the main course, I couldn’t get the sound of my kids singing ‘finish each other’s….SANDWICHES’ out of my head, so sandwiches it was! Again, LOVING easy!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

“What is that delicious smell? MMMMM….Chocolate!” Yup, break out some mini chocolates, or just chocolate chips, to give ’em some yummy!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and LOVED how cute the Melted Snowman’s were! Just some vanilla yogurt, chocolate chips, candy eyes…and an orange candy for the nose. I used Reeses chocolate chips for the nose, but there’s others if you want.

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

A Frozen buffet table wouldn’t be complete without Kristoff’s Ice Cubes. Blue jello to the rescue!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

The cups were also a handy ‘adding to the decor’ factor on our table. We just got some cheap plastic ‘champagne’ glasses, tied pretty ribbon around each, then added some fun purple and blue striped straws….give it a little ‘pop’! The girls loved them!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Notice the fun place cards for the food, also? Simply print off some pictures of the characters on paper with a fun blue background (or blue paper….even easier), cut a styrofoam ball in half with a slit on top, then you’ve got a darling place holder snowball!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Frozen Birthday Party Games & Activities

We had a ton of fun doing Frozen crafts and games during the party, even though the girls got so hyper and excited! What’s a party without a little crazy noise, right? To start it off, we made some fun foam Elsa Crowns. I used the template from My Sister’s Suitcase, so head over there for the tutorial. I was able to find LARGE foam sheets, so could fit many crowns onto one. Get random stickers, sparkles, foam shapes or letters to decorate.

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Do you remember the game ‘Don’t Eat Pete’? Well, we’ve got a special Don’t Eat Olaf game board you can print right off! To play, print the game board using that link and laminate it (if you want). Use marshmallows, candies, pom-poms, whatever and put one on each picture. The person who is ‘it’ goes away, then the rest decide which picture is the one that time. The ‘it’ person comes back and one-by-one starts removing the candies. When they go to remove the one on the selected picture, everyone yells ‘Don’t Eat Olaf’ and the ‘it’ person can’t choose anymore. Using treats makes it more fun, since they want to get as many as possible.

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

We also made Elsa Wands, like the one in our table centerpiece. Just paint tall craft sticks, use ribbon to twist up it, add a snowflake, dangle ribbon, whatever you want to make it a cute pretty Frozen wand!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

You can also do a Frozen Memory Game…just print pictures from the movie, double of each, laminate them and play away! Or even this Pin the Nose on Olaf game!

Frozen Birthday Party Favors

The girls got to keep their crowns and wands, plus these adorable Olaf Favor Bags! Just simple white bags, add some googly eyes, then cut out the black mouth and orange carrot nose. Simple, yet everyone loves them! Fill them with other favors such as the purple and blue candy canes, rock candy, stickers, blue and silver kisses, marshmallows, the blue and purple sixlets and gumballs, nab some fun Frozen favors, and especially some fabulous Lollipics!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Love them? Want some for YOUR next party, whether it be Frozen, like our Pirate Lollipics earlier in the summer, or your own theme of choice? Come back tomorrow to learn more about this wonderful company, plus a GIVEAWAY for a dozen free Lollipics of your own choice or design! LOVE THEM!

Frozen Birthday Party / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #Disney #Olaf #Elsa #Birthday #Party #GirlParty

Everyone had an absolute blast at the party, and I was so thrilled with how it all turned out. Head on over to Shindigz for so many supplies and ideas for your next party! They certainly made my vision possible, and left Wonder Woman a very very happy Elsa!

FREE Shipping on Party Supplies at Shindigz

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