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Disney’s Inside Out Free Printable Activities

Who else is totally stoked about the new movie ‘Inside Out’ coming to theaters in June? WE ARE!!! Seriously, I can’t wait to see the full thing, since the trailers look hilarious and sweet and emotional (duh!) all at once. Since we’ve still got a couple months of waiting to do (bummer), let’s have fun with these Disney’s Inside Out Free Printable Activities!


Thanks to the fabulous folks at Disney, my kids have been having a BLAST with these! Color along with Joy and Sadness, or decorate your own Emotion Easter Eggs! Hang a fun sign on your doorknob representing your current mood. Have fun with it!

Note: Some of these download a few pages (like the door hangers, etc.) 

Inside Out Coloring Page


Which of these hangers would go on YOUR door? I want to put Fear’s ‘Proceed with Caution’ on mine, and probably ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’ on my currently moody girls room.

Inside Out Door Knob Hangers


Why not learn while having a great time? Learn about your favorite emotions in other countries with this printable!

 Inside Out: Emotions Around the World


Easter is coming, so why not do something extra special with the eggs? Here’s some ideas and tips for pulling off an Inside Out themed Egg decorating party, or even an Egg hunt!

 Inside Out: Egg-Stravagant Decorating Tips




I love playing ‘spot the difference’ with pictures, and my kids REALLY get into it! This one’s a bit tougher for the kids, so you may want to help them out.

Spot the Difference in this Pic from Inside Out


Also check these out…

Inside Out Candy Bar Wrappers / by Busy Mom

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