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Easter Bingo Printables

I can’t believe it’s less than a week until Easter! That, along with the realization that the end of school is drawing near, has me in a near panic. Where is the time going?! Phew, maybe I just need to ignore those facts for right now and play a fun game with my kiddos using these adorable Easter Bingo Printables!

Easter Bingo Printables / by Busy Mom's Helper

One of my favorite things about this holiday is the beautiful, bright colors of everything! The eggs, the flowers and butterflies, it all just glows compared to dreary wintertime we’re (finally) coming out of.

You see these pics? Ya, I know, I know – Easter Bingo should be played with jellybeans…but those don’t last long enough at my house! I had to pull out my secret stash of Crispy M&Ms for the game. Makes me more eager to play (and eat), though!

Easter Bingo Printables / by Busy Mom's Helper

I did SIX different patterns for you, and they print off two (different ones) per 8.5×11 page. Click below to download and print the pages:

Easter Printable 1

Easter Printable 2

Easter Printable 3

Easter Bingo Printables / by Busy Mom's Helper

Be sure to have an extra sheet that you can cut the images out of, to use to ‘draw’ the next picture. Each sheet has the same pictures used, but in different orders/patterns. Don’t want EVERY person exactly the same, right?!

Easter Bingo Printables / by Busy Mom's Helper

Looking for some other fun EASTER things?

Don’t miss out on these other fabulously fun (and tasty!) Easter crafts and activities! My kiddos get a kick out of the scavenger hunt still, and I love how bright and colorful my new scrappy banner is!

Easter Scrappy Banner

Easter Scrappy Banner / by Busy Mom's Helper

Adorable Easter Pudding Cups

Adorable Easter Pudding Cups / by Busy Mom's Helper #SnackPackMixins #ad

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Paper Plate Easter Basket / by Busy Mom's Helper

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