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Egg Monsters

My kids love scrambled eggs, but refuse to eat hard boiled eggs. Why, you may ask? Honestly…I have no idea. Seriously, to me it makes absolutely no sense, but whatever. So I wanted to find a way to get them to enjoy eating hard boiled eggs (other than colored ones at Easter)….these Egg Monsters were just the ticket, and a super fun breakfast idea for Halloween!

Egg Monsters / Busy Mom's Helper

I was flipping through a book and saw all these cute food creations, and came across a frankenstein egg. So cute! I decided to make my eggs look like monsters…and the kids LOVED IT!

You can really get creative with this, just using what you have around the pantry and base it on what your kids’ tastes are. You could even color them for some more unique monsters….but I’m not a huge fan of dying eggs.

Here’s what I did for this time:

  • Hard boil some eggs.
  • Add eyes: I used cut olives.
  • Add a mouth: cut a slit in the eggs, possibly adding a tongue such as tiny celery sticks or green peppers. (my boys say monsters have green tongues, not pink like us….okay!)
  • Is the monster bald or hairy? Ours was hairy, with bacon bits sprinkled up top.

Now you could add tons more, this was just a basic fun thing for us to quickly do for snack. AND THEY ATE IT!!!!

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