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Family Moments with DIY Frozen Shirts

With our lives being so busy, we make it a priority to ‘freeze’ for some quality, family time. We love doing fun projects together, especially when it’s themed after some of our favorite things…like Disney movies! Last weekend we loved spending time together creating these fabulous DIY Frozen Shirts as a family.

DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls

We thought it would be a lot of fun, when our shirts were dried and able to be worn, to not only WEAR some Disney Frozen fun…but also to EAT some! My kiddos were so excited that Campbell Soup Company has introduced a new label for its popular Campbell’s® Condensed Soup. It now features Anna and Elsa – some of our family’s favorites! Priced at $1.79 per 10.5 oz. can, they’re available now in the soup aisle of grocery retailers and wholesale clubs nationwide!

DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #

With every delish, warm bite, we had fun naming the shapes of the Disney Princesses, a castle…even a carriage and more. It sparked some really fun conversations about great family memories with our beloved movies and characters, making our meal time all the more fabulous!

DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #

Let’s get on with our Frozen Shirts, shall we?


  • Shirts of Choice
  • Cardboard
  • Stencils – Download Page 1 and Page 2 here to print
  • Paint/brushes


  1. Print off the stencils above. Trace onto cardstock or wax paper (I prefer wax paper because it sticks a bit to the shirt, making the edges nicer). DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls # DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #
  2. Place a piece of cardboard under where you’ll be painting. This will prevent the paint from soaking through to the other side of your shirt. Place your Frozen silhouette where you want it on your shirt. DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #
  3. Carefully dab paint around the stencil. Decorate around with other colors and designs, if you wish! DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #
  4. Peel up the stencil and allow your shirt to fully dry. DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #

That’s it! Now you can show off your Frozen-lovin’ with these awesome shirts! The kids had so much fun decorating it themselves (with a little supervision, of course).

DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #

Which character would YOU choose for your awesome Frozen Shirt?

DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #

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