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Ideas for Chores While Travelling

Our family LOVES to travel, even if we don’t get to do it very often right now. One thing we learned while our kids were really young is that we really let go as far as chores and teaching responsibilities while we’re gone – which isn’t bad, we are on vacation after all! But we decided we like keeping them in the habit, and it makes for a happier vacation when we’re all pitching in. Since it’s different than when you’re at home, what they can do changes – so I made a list of some awesome Ideas for Chores While Travelling to help you out!

Ideas for Chores while Travelling / by Busy Mom's Helper

Chore Ideas

1. Packing: let your kids help you pack up their things, if possible. This will not only help them get excited, but also teach them good ways to pack (or not to pack), folding, and more.

2. Shopping: if you’re purchasing food for your vacation, either before or while you’re there, let them help you make the grocery list and complete the purchases. One bonus to this is they may be less picky with the menu if they feel they helped make it!

Ideas for Chores while Travelling / by Busy Mom's Helper


I’m sharing the rest of my tips (numbers 3-10) today on Cleaning As A Family so be sure to head over and check them out! Plus plenty of fun photos of my kiddos actually DOING some of the ideas 😀 I sure love when they help out, especially when they’re HAPPY about it!

What are some chores YOU have your kids do while on vacation?

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