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Simple Ways to Find Time with Your Spouse

Being a parent is super busy, especially when you toss work into the mix. With everything we have to get done, it can seem nearly impossible to really make time for your special someone. With five kids, plenty of pets, work and a household to run, hubby and I have had to learn some Simple Ways to Find Time with Your Spouse so we can still keep making our relationship stronger. We’re not talking awesome dates or elaborate dinners, but just some easy ways to squeeze in some quality time together.

Share a Show

Everyone has their shows that they love to watch – whether it’s at their weekly scheduled time, or binge-watching a past season on Netflix. Try to find a show you and your spouse can enjoy together, then once or twice a week sit down after the kids are in bed to enjoy an episode. That’s less than an hour, so not too crazy of a demand. Plus, you can fit in sharing a bowl of popcorn or ice cream along with it!

Play Games

I wasn’t much of a ‘gamer’ before hubby, but now I’ve learned to really enjoy some games – and it’s really great to share this hobby with him because we can sit down together and play. This means more interaction, sometimes working together and other times friendly competition. Along with this, learning to share hobbies is a great way to be able to grow closer to your significant other – not that ALL hobbies need to be shared (it’s nice to still have your own), but having some can really help you connect.

Lunch Break Phone Calls

I can’t remember when we started this, but several years ago we decided it’d be nice to have a phone call everyday while he’s at work – usually around lunch. This is still going today, and his coworkers know that when they see him pacing outside on the phone, he’s having a nice catch-up chat with me like we do everyday. This is also nice for him, since it’s an ‘excuse’ to get out of the office and walk around a bit – and also on those frustrating work days, he can vent to me instead of fuming in the office until that night! Some days we talk for half an hour or so, others it’s a quick 5 or 10 minutes, depending on what we have going on and what there is to talk about and discuss.


Like I said, it doesn’t have to be FANCY – sometimes we just like to feed the kids dinner, get them to bed, and THEN we sit down together to eat. It’s just another little bit that we’re there together, chatting over whatever we want, plus knocking ‘must eat dinner’ off the daily to-do list. This can work for breakfast, too, for those early risers (or WANT to be early risers) to eat breakfast together before the kiddos wake up demanding their food – or right after they are off to school but before leaving for work.

Running Errands

I know, not the most exciting thing in the world, but you can actually have a lot of fun together when running errands. You’re getting something done that needs to be, but you’re also spending time – discussing what you need, maybe even what you want. Hubby and I love daydreaming or ‘dream planning’ about the future when we’re out and about at stores – like if we had a ton of money, we’d remodel our house like this, or get this set for our backyard patio and this is how we’d design it, or whatever. Lots of laughs have been shared during shopping trips with just the two of us!

Morning Drink Run

Like I shared in a previous post about affordable date ideas, even something as simple as going to Sonic to get drinks (or a milkshake – yum!) while listening to music you both love can be a great way to find time with your spouse and build up your relationship.

During our recent trip to Walt Disney World with the family, moments such as having our own teacup while the kids shared 2 others was a nice moment together. Or getting to sit together on one of the roller coasters. I strongly believe couples should take trips with just the two of them regularly (by that, maybe every other year or every few years – doesn’t have to be too often if the budget doesn’t allow!), but still throughout the week make little times to spend time. It doesn’t have to be crazy or fancy or expensive, just something that simple can really help make your bond stronger – and who knows what awesome memories may come of it!

How do you find time with your spouse?

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