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Give Thanks Wreath

I have hardly any Fall/Thanksgiving decorations. I mean, like 3 or 4 things (that’s including my Fall Gratitude Banner). I don’t know if I just am so eager to get the Christmas stuff out, or just too overwhelmed with the busy-ness of the season, but I never really bothered about decorating this season. This year, I really wanted to add more to my decor for this time of year, so I decided a cute little Give Thanks Wreath on our front door was just the ticket! It was so easy to make, and I love the fall colors!
DIY Give Thanks Wreath / Busy Mom's Helper
Circle Wreath Frame (I used a foam piece for a couple bucks at Walmart)
Wired Burlap Ribbon
3 or so Wired Ribbons, thick (fall colors)
Flower (fall colors, match the ribbons)
Give Thanks Sign (printable below)
Hot Glue
Door Hanger
Wrap the Burlap Ribbon around the wreath frame.
Hot Glue the Ribbon down tight, in the ‘back’ of the wreath.
Get your hanging ribbon, a couple feet long, curl it and hang it from the bottom right of the wreath.
Hot Glue it down to the back of the wreath, out of sight.
Use all but a tiny bit of the colored ribbons to make a big bow. Glue it on top the ribbon on the wreath. Then glue the flower to the center of the bow.
Print the Give Thanks sign – it is lightly colored brown in the space, so print in colored unless you’d like a grey tint.
Cut it out, then use the last couple inches of colored ribbon to peak over one of the corners. Hot glue the ribbon pieces to the sign, then hot glue the sign to the top left of the wreath, angled slightly.
Hang on your door with a door hanger, or somewhere in your house for a cute decoration.

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