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How to Utilize Time Waiting

As a busy mom, you have to wait – sometimes a lot. There are probably many times you’ve had to wait around just this week – at the carpool line, at the doctor’s office, while your kiddos have practice. With all of our to-dos every day, we can’t really afford to ‘waste’ that time (although I’m a full supporter of taking some of that for YOU time). If you’re wanting to get more done and make the most of those moments, here’s some tips on How to Utilize Time Waiting.

Other than taking some of these moments for yourself – which I HIGHLY recommend at least occasionally – it’s nice to cross some other productive things off to help you fit more into your day. Here are some things busy moms can do to make the most of that time just sitting or standing around:

1. Go over your to do list. You can write the list, edit the list, review the list, etc. You might carry a small notebook with you, or use a digital to-do list or smartphone app. Whatever works for you, but that time spent waiting is a good way to stay updated on the tasks you need to get done. I know my list changes constantly, so it’s good to stay on top of it before it becomes overwhelming.

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2. Catch up on email. This can be a great time to wade through some of those emails you’ve been putting off opening, or to touch base with someone you’ve really been meaning to contact.

3. Review or start a grocery list. You might need to be at home to look in your kitchen and see what you’re out of, but most moms are pretty good at remembering at least some of what is and isn’t in their kitchen. You can also get a list going of potential meals for your next week’s menu, or think of a new recipe to try.

4. Catch up on social media. Need your daily social media fix? Want to see what your friends are up to, but you’ve been too busy? Here’s a good time to catch a peak – just don’t get sucked in too much like many of us do! 😉

5. Take some fun photos! My kids love it when I take time to nab some photos with them (since us moms don’t always get IN the photos), so we’ve started making it a regular thing when we’re waiting somewhere together.

With these tips in mind, you can plan ahead and best utilize time waiting. This will give you more time when you’re back at home for doing other things you need to tend to, and maybe even give you REAL time to spend for yourself!

What do YOU do while waiting around?

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