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Incredibles 2 Blows Away Expectations

Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Frozone & the whole gang are back after 14 long years (though only moments from the ending of the last film). You may be wondering why so much hype when it’s been such a long time, and I admit I had my reservations as well. But guess what – it was well worth the wait because Incredibles 2 Blows Away Expectations and as my hubby put it ‘may be one of the best animated films I’ve ever seen’! Don’t worry, no spoilers here 😉

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

Please Note: Disney released a seizure warning due to some scenes with flashing lights. Please use your best judgement.

Old Friends

Whether your favorite from the original film was one of the Incredible family members, ‘uncle’ Frozone, or even agent Dicker, you’ll be thrilled to see them on the big screen once again as they face new challenges.

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero


Among the great originals, you’ve got some new friends AND enemies, including wealthy super-fan Winston Deavor and his brilliant inventor sister Evelyn. The cast grows with new supers being introduced, with powers from dimensional portals to ‘regurgitating’ fire.

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

Among the awesome crew is also a new villain, Screenslaver. Elastigirl sure has her hands full trying to figure out her new mission to bring down this mastermind.

Great Story

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the previous one left off, so be ready to learn what’s in store for the supers now that they got a taste of being out of hiding. With Mr. and Mrs. Incredible adjusting new roles – hero and stay-home parent – there’s a whole new slew of challenges for them to tackle. Being the supers they are, though, they won’t shy away from it!

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

Handing Over the Spotlight

In the past, Mr. Incredible was front and center, so taking over the home duties while handing that over to his equally talented wife sure isn’t going to be easy. All the parents out there fully understand that parenting is no easy mission, even for super parents, so many will relate to his struggles. Half of the laughs are because we’ve all been there, too!

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

Dad’s are SUPER

I’ll admit, I was concerned that the movie would portray Robert Parr as a stereotypical dad who can’t handle being a stay-at-home parent. Boy was I in for a surprise, because like any super dad out there he steps up to the task and surprises us all!

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

Edna is Still my Favorite

Edna Mode (aka ‘E’) was my favorite in the first film, and still is after seeing her join in the adventures with the Incredible family. Her blunt talk, confidence, and pure sass is downright hilarious and makes me love her even more now!

Jack Jack

As we saw at the end of the first Incredibles, Jack Jack isn’t your average baby – but the family never saw otherwise! Now Mr. Incredible is at home adjusting to parenting full-time, with a child that has more than a few surprises up his sleeve. Parenting isn’t easy, and Jack Jack is the EXTREME of adorable challenges!

Incredibles 2 Worth the Long Wait #incredibles2 #partner #disney #pixar #disneypixar #movie #superhero

So be ready to laugh like crazy, grip your seat from suspense, jump in a few intense parts, and be moved by this super family who handles all life’s challenges – both the superhero ones and the day-to-day ones we can all relate to – while growing closer together.

Incredibles 2 hits theaters THIS WEEK, so nab your tickets now – you won’t want to miss this amazing new film that’s worth the 14 year wait!

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