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Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Moms

Between running kids to dance class or karate, helping with homework, managing the cleaning, making meals and the million other tasks we busy moms do, it can be difficult (and nerve-racking) trying to handle it all. I’ve been trying to find different systems that can assist with things, making life just a tiny bit easier. If you’re a fan of a useful app, then check out these Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Moms!

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Keep in mind, everyone should make their own best decision when choosing what to download and use, so please make sure to check into things for yourself. This list is just my opinion of some helpful smartphone apps for busy moms that may take off some of the stress. From finding a sitter, to tracking to do lists and even great music streaming, there’s a bit of something for everyone! All of the following apps are available on both Android and iPhone.

Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Moms:

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – Are you getting tired of cooking the same things week after week? The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app can give new recipe ideas to add more excitement to your meals.

2. UrbanSitter – If you’re tired of using, you might consider trying out UrbanSitter. You can find and book baby sitters using this app and even pay by credit card! Always use caution and check people carefully when hiring someone to care for your children.

3. Have2P – One of the most frustrating things is when your child has to use a restroom and you’re not sure where to find one. Fortunately, Have2P has got you covered! This app can help you locate public restrooms, which can be a LIFESAVER for a busy mom playing chauffeur all day. And yes, I totally did a double take and laughed loudly when I read the app name!

4. Remember the Milk – You won’t have to worry about forgetting the milk – or calling your child’s teacher or scheduling that vet appointment – again! This to-do list app will remind you of things that need to get done to help you stay organized. No more keeping our extensive task list in our head – because we don’t have space for that!

Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Moms #busymoms #apps #smartphone #technology #mom #parenting #busylife #smartphoneapps

5. Pandora – This music streaming app is a great option if you’re trying to find kid- friendly tunes to listen to the in the car or home. You’ll find everything from Kidz Bop Kids to Disney soundtracks. You can even make your own ‘stations’ so you have one to pull up when the kids are around, and maybe another for when it’s your turn to enjoy some music by yourself (not that that happens often, of course!)

6. Google Keep – this is where hubby and I keep lists of things, such as tasks or shopping, so that we can both add, delete, organize or whatever and access it from phones or computers.

These are just some of the best smartphone apps for busy moms, and we’re sure there’s also many more to help make life a little easier.

What’s YOUR favorite family-friendly smartphone app to help busy moms?

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