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Kauai Hawaii Helicopter Ride

This Kauai Adventure Trip was provided to me free of charge by Kauai Visitors Bureau, but all opinions are mine alone. #KauaiDiscovery

If you’ve ever wondered or considered taking a trip on a helicopter when visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii, you’ve got to check out all the beauty & adventure awaiting you during a Kauai, Hawaii Helicopter Ride! And if you’re worried about motion sickness – read on, because I’m right there with ya!

It’s been several months since my unforgettable trip to Kauai, Hawaii last May, but I still love going through all the photos and remembering what an amazing experience it was. I’ve told you about horseback riding in the mountains and seeing dolphins dance/swim with our boat on our Catamaran sail, as well as ziplining over the lush, green mountains. Today, I’ve got one last major adventure to tell you about that was probably my second favorite thing (the sail was the top) we did the entire trip – taking a Hawaii helicopter ride with  Island Helicopters Kaua’i!

Okay, so first thing you need to know – you have to arrive early enough to get your weight (total weight WITH your bag and such). It’s simply so they can balance the helicopter the safest way possible. They will assign you seats, so don’t stress about fighting for one. They’re all good because of those big windows! When your helicopter is ready, they’ll give you a short safety briefing, as well as these protective booties so that you don’t risk carrying who-knows-what on your shoes into the mountains of Hawaii. Now, we did the flight where we actually LANDED at Jurassic Falls and got to walk around for about 10-15 minutes, so maybe others that are simply flying don’t have to wear there ‘oh-so-cute’ booties. We also got a yellow emergency pack to wear around our waists, just in case.

You then are escorted safely to the helicopter, get seatbelted in, and put on your headset. This allows you to hear the music AND the pilot. There’s a little microphone available in the helicopter you can grab and use if you need to speak to the pilot, too.

I absolutely LOVED that they actually played music from Jurassic Park as we came closer to the falls, so it went all dramatic when it appears around the mountain – just like in the movie. It was gorgeous, and such a neat experience being somewhere I’d seen so much in the movies.

Kauai, Hawaii Helicopter Ride #ad #KauaiDiscovery #hawaii #travel #BMHTravels #kauai

After our time walking around the falls, taking photos and doing some ‘jumping’ videos because – well – why not, we climbed back into our helicopter to continue our ride. We flew all around the beautiful island of Kauai, seeing clear beaches and bright blue ocean, green mountains with a few more hidden waterfalls, and the coastlines.

Kauai, Hawaii Helicopter Ride #ad #KauaiDiscovery #hawaii #travel #BMHTravels #kauai

Okay, now for all you fellow motion-sickness people – they DO have baggies in there if you get sick. I will say that I get motion sickness pretty darn easy, and during this ride I got REALLY motion sick, to the point I was holding a baggie and let the pilot know (on the microphone) that I was probably going to throw up – but I didn’t end up actually throwing up, thank goodness. The group was super nice and helped turn the air conditioning towards my face and even fanned my face with little pamphlets – they’re awesome! For about 10-15 minutes I was miserable, but then it went away enough that I wasn’t worried about throwing up. Now, THAT BEING SAID, I still loved every  minute and it was still an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade at all! Even though I got sick, and even if I had thrown up after all, I still would go back in a heartbeat because it’s THAT worth it! You can’t miss out on something so amazing just because of a few minutes of a bad (or downright awful) stomach.

Kauai, Hawaii Helicopter Ride #ad #KauaiDiscovery #hawaii #travel #BMHTravels #kauai

I think our total helicopter ride was like an hour, maybe hour and a half? I think it was just long enough to see all the sites from above, plus our wonderful time walking around Jurassic Falls. Don’t take too much with you because of weight and having to hold it on your lap, but do have something for photos or recording. I highly recommend taking a helicopter ride with Island Helicopters Kauaʻi for your next visit to Kauai, Hawaii because it’s a great, adventurous way to see the beautiful views of the island – and I think the only way to get to Jurassic Falls!

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