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Mickey Mouse Oreo

Mickey Mouse Oreo / Busy Mom's Helper

So we went to Disneyland last month with the ENTIRE family (jealous? Just wait, you may not be). I’m talking my hubby, kids and me, plus my parents, four sisters plus two brother-in-laws, two nieces, and my nephew. Crazy, I know! We all rented a large home nearby the park, and it was fantastic. The rooms were all a different Disney theme, there was a huge Rapunzel mural on the wall, it was just darling. Plus, our own pool and hot tub!

We seriously were planning this vacation since last summer, we were that excited! So you would think it would’ve been the perfect vacation, right? Oh, no, ma’am! My family got the flu. For pretty much the entire vacation. We spent two days driving there, and enjoyed the beach one day. So far, so good. Then our first day at the park we make it to mid-afternoon when it hits. Superman starts throwing up….right as we’re getting off the Jungle Cruise ride. So we go back to the house, unsure what’s going on. That night, Batman starts in on it. Days 2-3, Batman and then Green Lantern take turns…..even if we tried the park because we think they’re recovered, someone would end up covered in yuckiness. Day 3-4, my turn, lucky me! Day 5 is Flash and Wonder Woman. Then two day drive home.

So not the best vacation ever, especially after getting excited for it almost a year ahead of time, but it definitely could have been worse. We got to see family, have SOME fun at the parks with the kids, the beach was good, and we took turns staying at the house with the sick ones and the others going to the park. My family was also extremely sweet and helpful, taking Wonder Woman with them often so we could handle the boys, and my mom even stayed with her at the house Friday morning so we could have a bit more time on our last day. I’m sure if/when we go again, I’ll be pointing out in remembrance “that’s where so-and-so threw up”. Awww, memories!

Mickey Mouse Oreo

Oreo cookies (double stuffed or original, doesn’t matter)
White chocolate chips
Red frosting (I did vanilla frosting with red food coloring)

Spread the frosting on the bottom half of each Oreo. Put two white chips for the pant buttons. Love it!

Notes: you can also use milk chocolate chips as ears at the top of the Oreo. I just happened to be out at the time.

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