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7 Things to NEVER Bring to Disney World, plus 10 You MUST!

We’re definitely not Disney newbies anymore – that ship sailed long ago, and we consider ourselves veterans at this point. With our many visits to the parks, we’ve learned well what items are truly useful to bother bringing, but also items that should be left at home or in the hotel. There’s many times when I’ve been going through security and saw a frazzled family being stopped because what they thought would be a wise packing choice ended up being a big regret. Save yourself the hassle, and avoid these 7 Things to NEVER Bring to Disney World, plus 10 You MUST!

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I previously shared about what you should pack for Disney trips, and even one that’s specific to Disney World packing ideas, but after so many people loved our 7 things to never bring on a cruise plus 10 you must – and asked us to do a Disney park version, we couldn’t resist! You don’t want to get to security – excited for all the rides, foods, parades, characters and fireworks – just to be told you have to either throw something away or even take it back to your hotel room.

Keep in mind, Disney has an extensive list HERE that tells more specifically what isn’t allowed in the parks. Security is thorough, so don’t try to be sneaky and dishonest – this causes risks for everyone, and you don’t want to be responsible for ruining anyones magical vacation, especially yours!

Things to NEVER Bring to Disney World:

  • Selfie Stick – not only can this be annoying to others on a ride or trying to walk through the already-crowded streets, but it can be a hazard on rides
  • Glass – bottles, containers, even glass make-up things can be declined. One year they almost emptied my bag because I had a square lip balm in there, and the clear plastic looked like glass. They ended up letting it through once they realize it wasn’t glass, but wow
  • Hard-Sided Coolers – you can bring in smaller soft-sided ones, but leave the hard outsides either at your hotel, rent a locker, or just leave them home. This is probably to avoid theft, or the risk of someone bringing in items they shouldn’t
  • Drones – while it’s fun to get cool aerial shots, I’m sure you can see the chaos and danger with bringing these, so just leave them home
  • Shoes with built-in wheels – while this may seem a good idea for the kiddos to ‘roll’ along instead of walk, they’re not allowed at Disney because it could cause too many bumps, bruises, falls or plain chaos. Imagine everyone running around – that’s about the crazy of kids rolling around
  • Bags with Wheels – I’ve seen people trying to bring in their rolly-bags, only to be stopped and given a firm NO. Totally understand not wanting to carry a bag on your back all day, but it’s such a tripping hazard in the crowds
  • Folding Chairs – I know, long lines make you want to rest, but then you’re a bit SOL on the ride, huh? Also may seem smart for parades, but just bring a blanket (that you don’t mind getting dirty) and planning ahead

BONUS:  Wrapped Presents – a birthday party or other celebration at a Disney park sounds amazing, but they have to be able to inspect everything you bring in, so sadly if you bring a wrapped present, they’ll have to open it up. Just do a cute gift bag instead!

FUNNY BONUS: Cremated Remains – yes, I’m serious. Plenty of people have been caught trying to bring in vases or other vessels holding remains of their loved ones (either to ‘enjoy the park with us’ or to try and spread them around, especially at the Haunted Mansion). They’ll catch you, you’ll get in trouble – so just don’t

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Things you MUST Bring to Disney World (or at least really should):

  • Lip Balm – between the sun, lots of food (and hopefully plenty of hydrating) and rides, your lips are definitely going to be needing it
  • Sunscreen – I understand some people burn easier than others, but wouldn’t you rather be extra safe just in case, instead of risking all the pain of a sunburn for the rest of your trip?
  • Blister Prevention – If you haven’t been to a Disney park before, you may not understand when people say a LOT of walking – it’s a whole new level of LOT! Your toes, heels and pads of your feet will be screaming by the end of the day, so be sure to have moleskin and blister bandaids in case
  • Flexible Bag – you know you need a bag to carry things (tickets, phone, etc) but make sure it’s not TOO big or TOO rigid, or you’ll have a hard time stowing it on the rides
  • Ziploc Baggies – several sizes; you’ll need them for putting things in you don’t want wet (on water rides or in the rain), store leftover snacks, or even if someone gets sick and you just can’t get to a garbage or bathroom in time (yes, I’ve seen this happen at the parks plenty)
  • Battery Backup – we all love our phones, especially for those awesome photos of the kiddos, but make sure you have enough spare juice to last you the entire day
  • Sanitizer/Wipes – with that many people, I don’t even want to think about how many germs are there. Wash your hands often, and bring sanitizer for those random moments (a sticky handrail isn’t a nice surprise) and nab a pack of wet wipes like this one for the many messes!
  • Sunglasses – it’s bright, the wind blows in your face (even on fast indoor rides), so give your peeps some protection
  • Tissues – the last thing you need is getting a runny nose, watery eyes (totally happens to me on the fast indoor rides!) or whatever that you need a tissue fast, but aren’t close to a bathroom
  • Collapsible Water Bottle – it’s super important to stay hydrated, but you can’t (and don’t want to) take a full water bottle on the rides. These water bottles have been amazing for all of our trips, hold enough water for awhile, then we just finish it off and fold them up for the rides. Love it!

BONUS: Rubber Bands/Hair Bands – if you get a caricature like us, or the kiddos make a drawing at one of the kid stations in Epcot, you need to be able to roll it up to safely transport it home, so secure it with a rubber band or hair tie!

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