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My $3 Fall Wreath Makeover

Have you seen all the fabulously decorated front porches all over the blog-o-sphere lately? They’re amazing, and really make me wish I had the time and/or money to make mine just as great. As is, though, it’s not gonna happen (again) this season, so my porch is quite bare! A quick, budget-friendly fix with My $3 Fall Wreath Makeover helped add a little fun to my front door!

My $3 Fall Wreath Makeover / by Busy Mom

I know it’s not an elaborate, beautiful porch…but come on, gotta work with what we got, right?! I took some basics from last year’s Fall Give Thanks Wreath, hit the discounts at Michaels, and about five minutes of work my door looked a little more fall-ready!

Look at the fun pieces I was able to get discounted about 50% off….all of this was $5, but I only used a few pieces!
My $3 Fall Wreath Makeover / by Busy Mom


  • Wreath frame (styrofoam, wire, hoop, whatever works)
  • Burlap and/or ribbon of choice (to wrap frame)
  • Ribbon of choice for bows and hanging down
  • Clearance accents such as sparkly ‘feathers’ or ‘leaves’
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • If desired, the Give Thanks print from my previous wreath

My $3 Fall Wreath Makeover / by Busy Mom


  1. Wrap your burlap (or ribbon) around your frame and glue into place. Add your bows and hanging curled (or uncurled, your choice) ribbon at the bottom right of the wreath.
  2. Take your accent pieces and glue/wrap their wire so that they’re secure on the wreath. Glue the Give Thanks print on the top left for a cute little extra!
  3. Hang, and enjoy!

Another Fall Wreath option: take the discounted hoop (shown above – got it for $1) and just add the accent pieces randomly around it so it’s like a big fall collection! I took some extra ribbon and wrapped it around loosely to add a bit more fun, and to hide where the pieces wrapped around the hoop.

My $3 Fall Wreath Makeover / by Busy Mom

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