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Best Rhinestone Applicator in 2024 | Excellent for DIY Projects

Best Rhinestone Applicator

“Wow! Your design is so creative. Will you do my purse too?”

Every party that you attend, you get offers like this for making a DIY rhinestone purse. Now you are trying to turn this talent into a business. Why not? You got the ideas, and the only thing you need is the right equipment.

If you have been using glue and tweezers to set the stones, it’s time to upgrade. Just make sure you know the difference between epoxy vs superglue! We suppose that this urge has brought you here. Therefore, in this guide, we will mention some of the best rhinestone applicators out there.

These will upgrade not only your rhinestone application process but also overall product quality. So, it is time to say yes to those sparling projects. With the help of these specialized tools, you can add the wow factor to anything in a faster and cleaner way.



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Worthofbest rhinestone setter

Gltech Rhinestone Applicator

HotFix Glass Wand Setter Tool

Crystals Pro Hotfix Applicator

Scissorfobz Cordless Hotfix

Why Do You Need a Rhinestone Applicator?

Why Do You Need a Rhinestone Applicator

The general purpose of a tool is to make your life easy. The crystal applicator tool serves you more than just making the task easy.

You can Work Faster

Since you are going to use a rhinestone application pen, you will need hotfix stones. The advantage of these stones is that they already have adhesive on their backside. If you take one and look on the flat side of it, you will find the best fabric glue for patches and other adhesives.

When you heat the crystal or stone, the glue melts. It is faster than the traditional method. You can skip the glue application step.

You will not have to wait hours for the glue to dry also. With the help of this applicator, you will have a faster pace with DIYing.

No Spills

The glue application is messy and troublesome. It is a risky process too. The danger here is that the glue might spill and create a mess.

It may also leave a white cast on the fabric. If the amount of glue is not correct, it will overflow. Also, too little amount won’t make it stick.

Easy Cleanup

It is easier to clean afterward you use hotfix stones. The reason is that you don’t have to handle any liquid.

The adhesive on the hotfix stones dries quickly. Therefore the waiting time is shorter. You don’t need to clean glue residues and wipe anything afterward.

Our Selected Top 6 Best Rhinestone Applicator Reviews in 2024

As we have mentioned, only a few of the benefits of hotfix applicators; there are many more. Below we listed some of the best rhinestone applicators where you will find additional benefits. So, let’s get right into it!

1. Worthofbest hot fix rhinestone setter

What is better than a tool? A tool kit that has all the accessories you need for the project! When looking for the best rhinestone applicator, you could get the complete kit.

It is an excellent deal for DIY projects. The Worthofbest hot fix rhinestone setter comes with seven different tips of different sizes.

 This is important for using different size stones. We know that a design can have a variety of crystals. That’s why this kit is perfect for versatile design.

This hotfix rhinestone application kit comes in different sizes and color stones. The options are huge, and you are sure to have a set that won’t let you make a boring design. There are 4080 pieces in the kit. It is a fun pass time set for teens as well.

The hotfix applicator takes minimum time to heat up. It only needs 2 minutes before you start the project.

You just switch it on and put it on the stand. Then wait and use. Attaching rhinestones couldn’t get easier than this.

The applicator pen gets hot enough to melt the adhesive. It takes 10 to 15 seconds for the applicator to do its thing. Finally, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to set in place. It is a quick and easy way of crafting.

Highlighted features

  • works on denim, cotton, the best iron on transfer paper, and other surfaces, making them versatile.
  • The kit includes 4080 pieces of crystal beads for all types of designs.
  • Other accessories include tweezers, a brush, holder, which expedites your work.
  • The pen only takes 3 minutes to heat, making your project finish faster.
  • Simple on/off switches make it easy to work with.

2. GGLTECH hotfix applicator

Hotfix rhinestone applicators are well known for there is of use. However, you might have problems with the positioning of the crystals, and picking them up is a nuisance. Having a crystal-picking pencil truly helps a lot.

The GGLTECH Hotfix rhinestone applicator comes with Several pieces that are a lifesaver. Among those, the crystal picking pencils are very useful.

It is a nuisance to pick the jewels and position them in the right place. Most of the time, it just won’t pick up. Therefore, having these jewel pickers ease your work. Tweezers are great but not as efficient.

The hotfix rhinestone applicator pen uses 10 to 12w power. You can turn the switch on/off. LED indicator lets you know if it is heating.

An extra-long power cord is helpful to move around the workpiece rather than moving the workpiece itself.

The rhinestone application pen takes no more than 5 minutes to heat up. It takes only 3 minutes to reach the optimal temperature for melting the adhesive most of the time. Afterward, you only have to hold it on the crystals for 10 to 15 seconds.

The kit comes with seven tips to fit different sizes of stones. You will get 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm, 7mm, 9mm flat tip, and hot spot tip. These tips fit different size stones and set them accurately by fully melting the glue at the back.

Highlighted features

  • An extra-long cord makes your movement easy.
  • It takes 3 to 5 minutes to heat up to cut short your overall working time.
  • Kit includes seven different size tips to fit different size beads.
  • Works on denim, cotton, and paper so you won’t feel limited.
  • Also, it includes stone picker pencils to pick up rhinestones faster.

3. Meicry beads hotfix rhinestone applicator tool

The more, the merrier. A toolset that comes with more than 12000 pieces is a deal you don’t want to miss.

The Meicry beads hotfix rhinestone applicator tool kit comes with beads in 5 different sizes. These are ss6, ss10, ss16, ss20, and ss30. Also, the color variety is huge.

There are 15 color options in the box. 1 color comes in 800 pieces. Altogether, you get about 12000 pieces of beads of different colors.

Not only the jewel collection is packed, but also other accessories are there as well. There are seven different tips of different sizes. These are provided to set the variety of beads. Each size needs a corresponding tip to set it properly.

The rhinestone applicator pen has an extra-long cord. That is 4.6 ft which is enough to move around the workpiece without moving it.

The benefit of having a long cord is that your maneuverability is not restricted. You can work more freely.

Also, the applicator pen has a nice grip. It has an ergonomic shape that is perfect for fine and detailed work.

If you want to create intricate designs, you can use the smallest tip. With the help of its pen-like shape, it is easier to create your masterpiece.

Highlighted features

  • Comes with 12000 pieces of crystals to add variety to your designs.
  • You also get different size tips corresponding to the crystal sizes.
  • The cord is extra long for you to move around.
  • It has a comfortable grip so you can work easily.

4. Quick crystals pro hotfix applicator

Everything is better with a bit of sparkle. If it is a lengthy process, you probably won’t want to get into that mess frequently. But this hotfix crystal applicator expedites your work a lot.

The Quick crystals pro hotfix applicator is designed with convenience in mind. It is easy to handle and makes your designs precise. This hotfix rhinestone tool is very effective and will surely take your designs to the next level.

Your results will be more impressed with the added tips for different size crystal beads. These tips are specialized for those sized beads so that they melt the back glue perfectly. In this way, your beads will adhere better and remain there.

As you have various options for beads, you also have a variety of options for applicable surfaces. Not only fabric but the paper is on the list.

You can bedazzle all kinds of materials like silk, denim, leather, cotton, lycra, linen, wool, polyester, and last but not least, paper.

The applicator is of high quality and is durable. It is made with longevity in mind. Also, the crystals that come along with the kit go through quality control. They have two layers of glue to make them adhere better to the surface.

Highlighted features

  • Works on cotton, silk, linen, lycra, and paper so you can work on any type of fabric.
  • Highly durable applicator pen that will last long.
  • Also, come with Diy accessories to speed up the process.
  • The kit crystals are high-quality with extra glue.

5. Darice rhinestone setter heat applicator

Crafting does not have to be costly. It only has to be fun. A budget tool can make your DIY crafting fun and affordable.

The Darice rhinestone setter heat applicator is a budget-friendly rhinestone tool. It makes crafting affordable.

To encourage more people to get into DIYing, upcycling in their daily life. This rhinestone tool only works with hotfix stones.

The kit includes nine pieces of craft equipment and accessories. There is the main pen heating tool. It has an on/off switch. The red LED light indicates if it is heating or not. Also, there are 7 different sizes tips in the box.

The different tips help to set different size stones. In the box, there are 3 crystal and 4 stud hotfix tips. You can add variation to your projects by using stones of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

It is better to use high-quality stones with this tool. Acrylic stones cannot stand too much heat. Thus, glass stones work better for this tool.

The rhinestone applicator heats up fast. It only takes 3 to 4 minutes to reach an optimal temperature to melt the glue.

You have to hold it on a 90 degree angle for 10 to 15 seconds. It will melt the adhesive and set those stones in place.

Highlighted features

  • The applicator pen melts the glue within 15 seconds, so you won’t have to wait too much on each bead.
  • This kit comes with 9-pieces of craft materials for using different size beads.
  • Easy to use for kids and adults.
  • The applicator pen is durable and will last a long time.
  • It only works with hotfix rhinestones.

6. SCISSORFOBZ HOTEE – Cordless Hotfix

As you can guess by the name. This applicator is cordless. Portability in mind, we added an applicator that you can take anywhere.

The HOTEE – cordless hotfix iron-on rhinestones applicator tool is portable. You can take it anywhere and don’t have to look for a plug to heat it up.

Also, the cordless feature helps to avoid tangled wires and the overall fuss. A portable hot fic applicator is always handy.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to move your work towards the plug. You can work anywhere. There is nothing to hold you back. You can DIY o your apparel, or you can do it for a friend.

The applicator pen is very easy to use. You just have to add 3 AA batteries. This is a power supply for this hotfix applicator.

However, you might have some doubt if it gets hot enough to set the stones in place. It reaches ample temperature to melt the adhesive, not the stone.

It has only one tip. However, this one size fits all. Also, it has an auto shut-off switch for the safety of the user.

Highlighted features

  • It is cordless to work tangle-free.
  • Uses 3 AA batteries which are easily accessible.
  • The pen is portable, so you can take it anywhere.
  • Has an auto safety switch to turn off when not in use.
  • It only has one tip option but works on all-size stones.

Comparison Table of Rhinestone Applicator







Approximately 2 minutes





Less than 5 minutes




Meicry beads





Quick crystals pro






Under 2 minutes





10 seconds



3 AA batteries

Rhinestone Applicator Buying Guide

Crafting gives you pleasure. If the tools are right, you can savor every moment of the process and have an amazing final product. Therefore, the best rhinestone applicator can make all your crafty dreams come true.

 The below factors are necessary to choose the suitable one for pros and novices alike. We recommend considering these before buying one.

Heats fast

You want to look for a rhinestone applicator that heats up fast. It is because you are replacing the glue to expedite your project.

If the rhinestone applicator takes too much time, it will be almost the same time-consuming process. Therefore, choose a pen that is fast and efficient.

You want to look for a pen that doesn’t overheat. When the rhinestone applicator pen overheats, it melts the beads.

 It creates another problem for your project. The pen must have ample temperature setting for heating up. This ensures the right temperature to melt the adhesive.

Safety feature

The safety feature is crucial for children and adults alike. It is because heating irons can be dangerous if not used with caution.

The iron tip gets too hot and can melt and burn your skin. It is important to have a safety switch.

A two-way safety switch ensures that you don’t get burned. It lets you use the rhinestone applicator pen with caution.

An on and off switch should enable the rhinestone gun to heat up and reach the optimal temperature. Another switch should be used when melting the beads. When it is not in use, it should turn off.

Long cord

The rhinestone application tool has to have a long cord. It is necessary because you have to move around the project a lot.

If the cord is short, you have to move your project according to the length of the cord. It is a problem and a barrier when you are trying to design freely.

The benefit of a long cord is that you don’t have to move the project itself. You can move around it with the cord and accomplish the final product.

Full set

Getting the full set of rhinestone application tools is a good idea rather than buying only the pen. It is because, for a few extra dollars, you get different size tips, a stand, a cleaner, a tweezer, pencil pickers, and lastly, crystal beads.

The variety of crystal beads are huge. Also, you don’t have to look for hotfix crystals separately. These beads are matched with the tip sizes, and you can use them easily.

 The supplied beads are appropriate for ironing and last for a long time. Therefore, getting the full set is a good idea always.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the hotfix rhinestone applicator work?

The hotfix rhinestone applicator works by heating the iron tip. Then the tip is applied to the crystals at a 90-degree angle for a minimum of 10 seconds. Then the adhesive at the back of the rhinestones melts. This attaches the crystal beads to the fabric or the paper that you’re working on.

Do you need glue for a hotfix applicator?

The answer is no. you do not need glue for a hotfix applicator. It is because the hotfix applicator only goes with hotfix crystal beats. These beads already have glue on their back.  The applicator only melts the glue. Then the crystal beads adhere to the surface. Because the glue is already supplied, you do not need to add more.

Can you use a hotfix rhinestone applicator on fabric?

You can use a hotfix rhinestone applicator on fabric. The crystal beads that are appropriate for hotfix applicators can adhere to many kinds of fabric. It works on cotton, linen, self, denim, lycra, and many more. Therefore, you can use one applicator for all types of fabrics. Just be sure to use hotfix crystals with it.

How do you clean the hotfix applicator tip?

The process of cleaning the hotfix applicator tip is letting the tip cool down first. You cannot clean the applicator tip while it is in use or it’s hot.
After it has cooled down, you take the cleaning brush supplied with the set. Otherwise, take a clean brush and rub off any glue residue that is left there.


A rhinestone applicator tool is a great way to upgrade your daily item. You can spice up your old clothes, purses, jewelry boxes, and become your own personal scrapbook printer.

Infuse life into monotonous, boring stuff and make it fun again. All these features come true with the help of the best rhinestone applicator.

You can upcycle apparel and turn it into a business. Gluing on crystals is not a good idea for mass production.

 Therefore, professionals prefer hotfix rhinestone applicators over the gluing method. You also can customize anything with the bright crystals and blind everyone with the glow.

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