Choco-Nana Fruit Dip

You know how I really, REALLY like chocolate? Well, I’ve been trying to find sneaky smart ways to get my chocolate fix, but also stay healthy at the same time. After all, healthy doesn’t mean NO chocolate…just everything in moderation. So by mixing my love of chocolate with my love of fruit, we have: Choco-Nana Fruit Dip. Fun, huh?!
Choco-Nana Fruit Dip / Busy Mom's Helper

Okay, so I know there’s a LOT of ways you can customize this fruit dip, so just keep an open mind. Want to try yours with something else blended in? Go ahead! After all, it’s YOUR treat – and it really is hard to mess up just by adding a bit of something you know you like.

1 Medium Banana
1-2 tbsp. Cocoa (I prefer sweetened, but it’s fine unsweetened)
1/4 cup Yogurt (plain or vanilla is what I use)
2+ tbsp. Milk (start with 2, then add more until your each your desired consistency)
2-3 Strawberries

Put everything in a blender. Blend. ENJOY!

Ideas for Add-ins
Spinach (veggie, but could still add some extra nutrition!)
Protein Powder
Almonds or other nut
Peanut Butter
Nutella (try this instead of cocoa powder)

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