Coconut Orange Smoothie

Can you believe school is almost out for the year? We’re making some summer plans for visiting family, and it’s starting to hit me how close things actually are. Crazy how things kind of just go really slow for awhile, then all of a sudden BAM BAM BAM with a bunch of things all at once! For example, it’s almost the end of school, then a few weeks later we’re visiting family out of state for a few weeks, then almost immediately after returning our house will be complete and we’ll move in…..and then school starts again. Crazy, but fun! For a little afternoon pick-me-up, try this delicious (and tropical – we can dream, right?!) Coconut Orange Smoothie!
Coco-Orange Smoothie / Busy Mom's Helper

I’m really getting into the hot-weather months lately, especially since it’s in the 90’s here the past few days. One of my favorite ways to cool down is a nice smoothie, and my kids sure don’t mind that! I like to mix it up, though, and definitely go by what produce is on sale that week. Oranges are one of those things that seems to always (or at least almost always) be on sale, so I tend to use it in a lot of smoothies. This one is a smooth blend of oranges and coconut milk, but the coconut milk could easily be changed out for plain milk. My hubby hates coconut, so his are made that way.

2 Oranges, peeled
1 Banana, peeled
2 cups Spinach
6 oz. Coconut milk
1 tray Ice cubes

Blend everything in your blender. Pour into two serving glasses and enjoy!

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