Easiest Iced Coffee

As the weather turns warmer, many people change out a hot cup of joe for a frosty version.  Is this you?  Today I’m sharing the Easiest Iced Coffee recipe.  Make up a batch of this and enjoy it all week long!


easiest iced coffee

Easiest Iced Coffee

Whether you drink your coffee in the morning, or need an afternoon pick me up, you won’t be disappointed in this delicious beverage.

This is for all my fellow coffee addicts lovers.  I’m still all about enjoying that fancy coffee from your local coffee house, but realistically, I can’t quite get out twice a day for that! Besides, that can add up pretty quickly! So, that’s why I decided to start brewing it at home.

easiest iced coffee

I really do have a passion for taking recipes that are from restaurants and making a just as delicious and better for you option at home.  While I don’t think coffee is bad for you–as a matter of fact the experts say there are lots of benefits–I still like to try my hand at making the perfect cup of joe. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get going on this easiest iced coffee so we can have a chat over it.  😉

What you need~

  • coffee beans
  • water
  • ice
  • cream & sugar (optional)

What to do~

  1. Brew the coffee
  2. Chill
  3. Drink!

See isn’t that easy?  MMM I can just smell that coffee brewing!

easiest iced coffee


  • If you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can just use coffee grounds.  We are kind of coffee snobs at our house, so we like to grind our own beans.
  • If you like your coffee sweetened, add the sugar before you chill it so it melts.
  • To flavor the coffee add some vanilla extract or ground cinnamon to the grounds before brewing.
  • Make adjustments to how strong you like your coffee.  I suggest brewing double strength so the ice doesn’t water it down, but if that’s too strong for you, maybe brew 1 1/2 strength.
  • All coffee pots are different sizes so there is not a specific measurement for how many coffee beans to use, and preferences are different, but you should be able to easily figure it out.

easiest iced coffee

I can totally see myself poolside, soaking up the sun, book in hand, sipping on my fabulous iced coffee.  Can you picture it? 🙂  Who’s with me?

Enjoy! I’ll see you at the pool!  🙂


Easiest Iced Coffee


  • coffee beans ground (for 2 pots of coffee)
  • water
  • ice
  • cream and sugar optional


  • Brew coffee at double strength. The ice dilutes it, so this way it won't taste watered down.
  • Let the coffee cool to room temperature.
  • Place the coffee in a carafe or pitcher and place in the fridge to chill.
  • Fill glasses all the way with ice.
  • Pour coffee and add cream & sugar if desired. Enjoy!

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