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Helpful Tips and Tricks on What to Pack for Disney World

Save yourself some stress and be as prepared as possible for your Disney vacation. By following these helpful packing tips you’ll maximize your enjoyment and avoid some common drawbacks. Not only that, but knowing better what and how to Pack for Disney may even save you some money!


Make sure you have cash in your wallet that you can use in a pinch to tip your driver, bell service, etc. This can save you from needing to use an ATM and possibly face those fees. In addition to that, bring plenty of Disney gift cards and the credit card you purchased your reservations on.


It’s almost always hot, though it might get a little cooler on winter nights. There is a lot of walking involved, so comfortable walking shoes are a must. Please don’t be one of those people struggling in the parks in stilettos. To maximize comfort, wear shorts or a skirt (if you’re braver than me) and light breathable clothing. Formal wear is not a necessity if you are looking to pack light – however, for some dining reservations (like Victoria & Alberts!) you may need to get a little dressier.

Health and Beauty

Remember to bring sunscreen and use it every day – don’t forget the back of your neck if you have short hair or will wear a ponytail! Nothing zaps the fun out of a vacation in the sun like getting burned. Ya, I’ve learned that the hard way. Pain reliever is also good to have on hand, versus paying extra for it when you get there. Consider any other toiletries, ointments, or remedies you might need in advance so you can avoid the upcharge later.

You will need room in your suitcase to bring back souvenirs, of course. You can create that space and save money on water by packing a whole pallet of drinking water for the trip. It’s important to stay hydrated and you can get a 24 pack of bottled water for the price of a single bottle in one of the parks. By the end of the trip, water’s gone and there is room for all the t-shirts, plushes, and other awesome stuff you buy to commemorate your trip.


Bring a cord and adapter for charging your phone overnight in your room. If you keep up on this you will not need to purchase or pack an external charger. The parks even have charging stations in case of an emergency. Small, travel-friendly backpacks can be your best friend – I don’t go to the parks without this one that’s been fabulous for 2 years!

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Don’t forget an umbrella and some disposable ponchos, especially if you are going to Disney World in the Summertime. Ponchos are one thing you don’t want to be buying last minute in the middle of a rainstorm, trust me!

And definitely don’t forget your autograph books – these are the ones I made, complete with activities for during line waits. You can nab one here or on Amazon here!

Tips for What to Pack for a Disney Vacation #disneyworld #disneyland #waltdisneyworld #pack #travel #packingtips #disneypacking #familyvacation #familytrip #disneytrip

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