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Monsters University Pre-Party

Happy Labor Day! I don’t know about you, but I REALLY needed today, just a break from normal school-work-life. Can you relate? Anywho…even though this 3-day weekend is almost over, I thought sharing a little extra FUN thing would add a few more smiles! So this summer we visited my family back in Utah, and had So. Much. Fun!!! Seriously, my mom is such a fun, cute grandma, and loves doing extra fun things for the kids. While we were there she decided to take us to see Monsters University, and to get the kids excited we had a Monster’s University Pre-Party the night before. See, told you she was fun!!!
Monster's University Pre-party / Busy Mom's Helper

My uber-talented sister (well, one of them – I have four!) made this amazingly cute Cutie Cupcakes. The kids thought they were so fun – although some of them absolutely refused to eat the eyes, even though they’re just sugar candy.

My adopted-into-the-family-because-she-is-just-so-awesome sister created this Monster-Mouthed-Melon, who’s either eating up everything, or spitting it back up. Either way, tons of fun!
Advice: careful when transporting the finished product in your vehicle….this tipped over in hers, spilling fruit juice everywhere!

Finally, my mom and a bunch of us put together these Toothy Sandwich guys. Scary yet too cute to resist!

It was such a fun party, such a fun SUMMER! Sad to see it go, but excited for all the upcoming food, crafts and other exciting holiday stuff soon to be our way. Bring on the Holidays!!!

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